Baby Moo Mix-It

   take the guess - AND THE MESS - out of the mix

Reviews – Baby Moo Mix-It, Formula Mixing Container

Courtney K. from SC- Baby Moo Mix-it was the talk of the baby shower and one of the best baby gifts I’ve ever given..I will definitely be buying more for my friends who are expecting!

Brandi J. from IL- I would have loved to have had Baby Moo Mix-it for my first baby- what a time saver!

Brent N. from CA- The Baby Moo Mix-it is better than my Amex card–I seriously can’t take my daughter out without it! Thank you, Baby Moo.

Gary B. from TX- Hey, Baby Moo, it’s football season…can I get my son’s Baby Moo Mix-it in Longhorn colors? I love this thing!..hook ’em horns and go Baby Moo!

Christa H. from OH- I bought the Baby Moo Mix-It for when my grandchildren visit. It has been so handy to have, especially at nighttime.. what did we do without this?

John P. from VA- I had to get a second Baby Moo Mix-It for my son because I took his to use at the gym. It is great to mix protein shakes, but don’t tell my wife!

Staci G. from CO- As a mom of two boys, I would recommend the Baby Moo Mix-it to any parent or caregiver. It is so nice not to have to pack all that extra formula and water. I have a couple of Baby Moo Mix-its for each boy and it is so nice to be able to just pack it and go…a breath of fresh air for a busy mama! Thank you Baby Moo!