Baby Moo Mix-It

   take the guess - AND THE MESS - out of the mix

Inspiration – Formula Mixing Container


Marcie and Carson Thompson

I gave birth to my greatest gift, my son Carson, in 2010. My sweet boy is my inspiration for Baby Moo Mix-It. Shortly after bringing him home from the hospital, Carson was diagnosed with colic and reflux. Our pediatrician treated the reflux and advised us that the colic would eventually subside. She changed his formula and I tested lots of bottles and nipples searching for the best combination for Carson. Over the course of a few months, we tried almost every brand of formula on the market. And, as any parent who has had a child with colic knows, I was no stranger to sleepless nights. I was up rocking Carson, trying to comfort him and preparing many a bottle. Night feedings are tough even if your child does not suffer with colic. I would find myself half asleep in the kitchen at three o’clock in the morning, wondering if I had just put in two scoops of formula or three. Like most first time parents, I was so worried about making a mistake, I would just toss out the whole thing and start again. I first tried mixing the formula right in the bottle, but the formula would always get stuck in the nipple. Next, I tried stirring formula in a cup, which turned out to be really inconvenient if we were away from home. And packing for an outing, even just a quick trip, seemed like a logistical nightmare. I would pack and lug around extra bottled water, extra formula in a Ziploc bag, measuring cups…it was ridiculous! I thought there has to be a better way. After doing some research, I learned nothing quite like what I needed for Carson existed, so I got busy making it. I brainstormed, sketched and when I had my concept on paper and had filed for my first patent, contacted a mechanical engineer for help. Neal, who is also a dad, and had experienced his share of night feedings, understood what I was trying to create, and helped me bring Baby Moo Mix-It formula mixing container to life.

There are many things to think of and plan for when you have a baby but, with Baby Moo Mix-It, mixing formula will not be one of those. It has taken the guesswork out of mixing with measurements for both water and formula, so you will not be like me scratching your head over how many scoops you have used, saving you both time and money. It will allow for easier, less messy bottle preparation at home and on the go. I am a single mom that understands having kids is expensive, so I have worked hard to keep Baby Moo Mix-It priced affordable for everyone. I hope it brings added convenience to you and your family so that you can enjoy what truly matters most.

Mixed with love,
Marcie and Carson Thompson
– Your Baby Moo Family